W&M Leader, watering

  • Name: Chenyang Cui (Yoshino-s)
  • Age: 21
  • Career:
    • Feiyu Security 2021-7-12 to 2021-8-31
  • Participation
    • ByteCTF 2021 Finals: 2nd (W&M)
    • ByteCTF 2021 Online: 1rd (W&M)
    • Cybrics 2021 CTF: 2nd (W&M)
    • Defcon 2021 Qual: 9th (Nu1L)
    • 强网杯 5s Final: 10th (W&M)
    • XCTF 2020 Final: 5th (W&M)
  • Bug Records
    • CVE-2018-5771 Tenda AC6 Remote Command Execution
    • CVE-2021-21315 systeminformation Command Injection
    • CVE-2021-32736 thinkjs Prototype Pollution
    • CVE-2021-3918 json-schema Prototype Pollution
    • expr-eval prototype pollution and arbtrary code execution
    • expression-eval arbtrary code execution
    • 10+ undisclosed prototype pollution and other vulnerabilities

About W&M
W&M is an union CTF team, merged by MxM Team and W&P Team. Most of the members are come from universities or well-known cyber security companies. Our goal is to become an influential international cyber security team.